Hazard Communication Program

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Hazard Communication Program

The goal of the Hazard Communication Program (also known as HazCom) is to protect people from injuries and illnesses associated with using hazardous chemicals in the workplace. People have the right-to-know and understand the hazards and identities of the chemicals they are exposed to at work.

Hazard Communication Plan

Chemicals pose a wide range of health hazard and physical hazards. The OSHA Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) is designed to ensure that information about these hazards and associated protective measures are communicated in the workplace. In short, the Standard requires all employers with hazardous chemicals in their workplace must follow the standard and establish their won hazard Communication Program. HazCom programs must have the five components listed below. Click on the links to view how Temple University implements each component of the Standard.

1. Written Hazard Communication (HazCom) Plan

2. Chemical Inventory

Manage your chemical inventory and access Safety Data Sheets (SDS) in ChemInventory.

3. Chemical Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Information

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) describe the physical and health hazards of chemicals or chemical-containing products and can be accessed in CEMS.

4. Chemical Labeling Requirements

5. Hazard Communication Training for Employees

Electronic access to or a paper copy of the Hazard Communication Manual, appropriate Safety Data Sheets (SDS), and a list (inventory) of hazardous chemicals must be available to all employees who work with or near hazardous chemcials.


OSHA Publications Related to Hazard Communication

EHRS Publications Related to Chemical Safety

EHRS has a wide variety of programs and publications (fact sheets, forms, guides, manuals, etc.) available to assist you in working safely with chemicals in your work environment.

Compliance Regulations, Standards, and Guidelines

A listing of key applicable regulations, standards, and external guidelines available for review by the University community.


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