Audits & Inspections

Laboratories are regulated by OSHA, EPA, PADEP, DEA, DHS and many other governmental regulatory agencies. Additionally, accreditation and granting agencies such as CDC, NIH, DOD and USDA are increasing scrutiny over universities and their compliance with applicable local, state and federal regulations.

EHRS Audits

EHRS perform periodic audits of the laboratory to help promote compliance with the multitude of safety regulations.  The purpose of these audits is not to be punitive, instead, EHRS intends to the greatest extent possible, to assist laboratories  in complying with all applicable federal, state and local regulations and, most importantly, EHRS desires to help keep all laboratory personnel safe and healthy.

Laboratory Self-Audits

Laboratory self-auditing is a continual daily process in most labs below are some guidelines for conducting self-audits:

  • On a daily basis, Laboratory personnel should maintain good housekeeping in their work areas within the lab.
  • Informal weekly lab walkthroughs or “Friday Afternoon Cleanups”.
  • Once per quarter, a formal self-audit should take place.

The benefits of conducting inspections of laboratories on a regular basis cannot be overstated. In addition to providing a healthier and safer work environment, labs inspection can reduce legal liability by identifying potential issues, and training laboratory personnel to look for and correct potential issues.

Inspections by Regulatory Agencies

Inspections, formal and non-formal, by local, state and federal regulatory agencies can occur at any time and can result in citations and significant fines for the university. If a local, state or federal inspector shows up in your work are unescorted, ask them please wait and immediately contact EHRS are 215-707-2520 and University Council at 215-204-6542.