Fire Marshal

Office of the Fire Marshal

The Office of the Fire Marshal strives to deliver quality professional services to assure a safe environment for the entire University Community. The Fire Marshal is charged with the prevention, discovery, and correction of safety hazards across all campuses.

Principal Functions and Responsibilities

  • Maintain required certification of all fire protection systems fixed and portable
  • Conduct building inspections for fire and occupational hazards
  • Serve as the liaison with local building and fire inspectors
  • Investigate all causes of fire and odor complaints
  • Administer the Emergency Action Plan
  • Maintain the Residence Hall Fire Log 
  • Coordinate all elevator safety, modernization, and maintenance
  • Asbestos identification, control and abatement
  • Ensure that the University is in compliance with all local fire codes
  • Conduct fire safety training
  • Conduct fire drills
  • Administer evacuation procedures
  • Administer the Fire Prevention Plan

Visit the Crime Report section of the Temple University Public Information page for a copy of the Annual Security and Fire Safety Report.

Office Hours

7:30 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. Monday through Friday.


Richard Box, University Fire Marshal (Main Campus):  215-204-8687
Nick Lamana, University Fire Marshal (Health Sciences Center):  215-707-4766

For contact during weekends or non-business hours: 215-204-1234