Temple Post Office

The Temple Post Office maintains the handling of all University inbound and outbound U.S. Mail (except Housing Department student mail).The Post Office also handles the delivery and pick-up of all inter-office and U.S.P.S. mail among the various Temple campuses, bulk mailing of all material from the University, and the forwarding and processing of all international mail originating at the University. Over 6 million pieces of mail are processed annually by our post office.

Standard Services:

  • Daily pickup and delivery of all internal and incoming mail 
  • Same day processing of all outgoing mail 
  • Daily service to HSC and Satellite Campuses

Administrative Services:

  • Central account management of all US Postal Service permits and accounts 
  • Mail service consultation - postal regulations, mail design and available services
  • Ongoing research and development to insure the best rates and services available through the US Postal Service are provided to the University Community

For a detailed list of services offered and associated rates, please see our Service Level Agreement for University Facilities


Located inside the Kardon/Atlantic Apartments
10th Street between Montgomery Avenue and Berks Street

Hours of Operation

Monday- Friday: 7:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.


Phone: (215) 204-7192

Your feedback matters

If you have comments, please email . Alternatively, you may complete the Postal Feedback Form and email it to .