About Chemical Safety

About Chemical Safety

Chemical Safety staff at EHRS are comprised of specialists from various scientific backgrounds providing support to University personnel on chemical safety for compliance with federal, state, and local regulations as well as Temple specific policies and industry wide standards. Our primary expertise is chemical safety and chemical waste disposal with a focus on laboratories. Chemical Safety also conducts consultations, site assessments, training and responds to chemical related emergencies.

Meet the Team

Environmental Health and Radiation Safety

(215) 707-2520  Campus Phone: 2-2520

Chemical Safety Team



Contact Information

Area of Program Responsibility

David McDonough

Assistant Director

Chemical Hygiene Officer

Office: (215) 707-0109

On-Campus: 2-0109

Program(s) Oversight

Chemical Hygiene Program

Hazard Communication

Greg Campbell

Associate Health & Safety Specialist

Office: (215) 707-1737

Campus: 2-1737

Chemical Security Program

Controlled Substance Program for Researchers

Laboratory Chemical Safety Audits: Main Campus & TUHS

Sean Kovacs

EHS Program Manager

Office: (215) 707-2987

Campus: 2-2987

Chemical Waste Management Program

Chemical Waste Minimization & Pollution Prevention Program

Biohazardous Waste Management Program

Automated External Defibrillator Program

Jon MorrisAssistant Health & Safety Specialist

Office: (215) 707-1639

Campus: 2-1639

Field Research Program

John Wawrzyniak

Associate Health & Safety Specialist

Office: (215) 707-6227

Campus: 2-7647

Chemical Hygiene Program

Laboratory Chemical Safety Audits: HSC & Ambler

Chemical Inventory Management Program


Use the EHRS Contact Form or contact a chemical staff team member listed above for chemical safety questions or to request any of the services below:

  • Chemical Safety Programs Maintenance & Support
  • Chemical Safety Consultations
  • Laboratory Chemical Hazard Evaluations
  • Laboratory Chemical Safety Audits
  • Chemical Fume Hood Operational test
  • Chemical Waste Consultation
  • Lab Construction & Renovation Plan Review
  • Code Review for Compliance with Lab Safety Regulations & Standards
  • Incident/Near Miss Investigations involving chemicals
  • Development of Policies, Procedures and Practices involving the safe use of chemicals in the lab.
  • Other Lab Safety Consultations (New lab, lab and equipment decommissioning)
  • Regulatory Liaison