Green Your Commute

Switching from single-occupancy vehicle commuting helps to lower carbon emissions, protect local air quality, and reduce traffic congestion. Choosing a sustainable transportation method to travel to work such as biking, walking, or riding public transit is one of the best and most impactful ways to reduce your contributions to climate change. 

Green Commute Resources

To reduce greenhouse gas emissions attributed to transportation, the University provides the Temple community with sustainable mobility alternatives such as: 

University SEPTA Pass

SEPTA University Pass Program

Save money and the environment by enrolling in the Student SEPTA University Pass program!

The SEPTA University Pass is a semester-based transit pass sponsored by SEPTA and the university, which offers discounted transit passes to full time Temple students (almost a 10% discount).

Full-time Temple University students may purchase a discounted student SEPTA Keycard for semester-long travel on SEPTA, Philadelphia’s regional public transportation system.

The SEPTA University Pass Program is designed to save you money only if you commute to campus, or have other reasons to use SEPTA, frequently.

Semester pass prices are based on travel zones.

  1. View current semester pass pricing click here (opens in new window).
  2. View SEPTA Travel Zones. Click Here. (Opens in new window)

How to Order a Student SEPTA Keycard

STEP 1: Obtain a SEPTA Key Card

  • If you already have a valid SEPTA Key Card, skip to STEP 2
  • If you don’t have a valid SEPTA Key Card, you will need to purchase one for $4.95. There are two ways you can purchase a SEPTA Key Card
    • Option 1: Purchase at a kiosk and load the minimum $1.00 plus the cost of the card ($4.95).
    • Option 2: Purchase at a SEPTA sales window and load the minimum $1.00 plus the cost of the card ($4.95).

For a map of SEPTA Key kiosks and sales offices, click here. (opens link in new window)

STEP 2: Register your SEPTA Key Card

  • Once you purchase your Key Card, you will need to register it. Registering you Key Card will allow you to recover your funds if you Key Card is lost or stolen.
  • To register your card:
    • Go to and click on Register Your Key
    • Enter the number on the face of your Key Card under “Key Card Number”. Enter all fields and save your username and password for future reference.
    • You need to connect your registered Key Card to Temple University's company account. Now select "Card Options"
    • Now Select "Card Reference ID
    • Your card reference ID will be alphanumerical and case sensitive, be sure to copy exactly how it appears. You will need the reference ID # to complete your purchase in the next step.

STEP 3: Submit the Student SEPTA Keycard payment in TUportal

Bike Temple

Bike Temple is a university wide initiative to promote bicycle use among students, staff and faculty. Through education, infrastructure improvements and advocacy, Bike Temple works to make the university a safe and convenient place to travel to and from by bicycle, and to create a bike culture on campus. 

For information on bicycle programs and amenities, such as locked bicycle parking for students, staff and faculty, visit the Bike Temple website.  


While having a car in the city is often more trouble than it's worth, sometimes a car is necessary. Carsharing offers the convenience of a car without all the hassle and expense of parking a car on campus. Temple has a partnership with Zipcar to offer discounted membership rates to the Temple community. Zipcar has dozens of locations and cars across the city, including several on Temple’s Main Campus and options for fuel-efficient hybrid and electric vehicles.  

Visit Temple University's Zipcar page for information on membership plans for alumni, students, and faculty & staff. 


Transit and Vanpool Commuter Benefits

Temple University supports low carbon commuting through the WageWorks program.  WageWorks enables full time employees of Temple University to pay for public transportation and vanpool with pre-tax money.  Visit the Office of Sustainability's Green Your Commute webpage for more information on the program and a step-by-step guide on how to enroll in transit commuter benefits.