Emergency Action Plan

OSHA's Emergency Action Plan standard, found at 29 CFR 1910.38(a), requires Temple University to have a written emergency action plan (EAP). This plan applies to all operations in our University Community where employees and students may encounter an emergency situation.

The EAP communicates to employees and students policies and procedures to follow in emergencies. This written plan is available, upon request, to employees, their designated representatives, and any OSHA officials who ask to see it.

Under this plan, our employees and students will be informed of the plan's purpose, emergency escape procedures and route assignments. The procedures are to be followed by employees who remain to control critical plant operations before they evacuate, and to account for all employees and students after emergency evacuation has been completed. The rescue and medical duties are for those employees who perform them, preferred means of reporting fires and other emergencies, types of evacuations to be used in various emergency situations, and the alarm system.