Chemical Safety Programs

Chemical Safety Programs

Chemical Security Program
Efforts toward chemical security at Temple University.

Chemical Hygiene Program
The Laboratory Safety and Chemical Hygiene Program addresses the hazards of chemicals that may be present in the laboratory and describes work practices, procedures, and controls which are in place to protect laboratory personnel from those hazards.  

Hazard Communication (HAZCOM) Program
The Hazard Communication (HAZCOM) Program addresses how to classify chemical hazards, and communicate about the hazards and safeguards required to protect people from exposure. This program is intended to serve non-laboratory personnel.

Chemical Waste Management Program
This program provides guidance and procedures for the safe handling and disposing of chemical waste.

Chemical Waste Minimization & Pollution Prevention Program
Efforts toward waste minimization and pollution prevention at Temple University.

Controlled Substance Program for Research
This Program provides guidance on how researchers can meet their regulatory requirements for conducting research with controlled substances at Temple University.

Chemical Inventory Management Program
All locations that store hazardous chemicals at Temple University and Temple University Health System are required to maintain a chemical inventory in CEMS, Temple's online inventory database.

Field Research Safety Program

The Field Research Safety Program serves to promote safe, succesful field courses and research trips. It includes guidance on planning, training, incident response, risk assessment, effective communication, campus resources, and common field hazards.