Radiation Safety

General Forms

  • Radiation Worker Registration
    • Please do not send the Radiation Worker Registration to EHRS through regular e-mail. If you plan on e-mailing your completed form, please send it via TUsafesend to the intended EHRS staff member (or to our general e-mail address). More information about TUsafesend can be found here.

Note: A complete Radiation Worker Registration form requires two signatures: one for the applicant and one for the person that will be supervising the applicant's radioactive material use. Also, the area of the form titled "Experience" must have some form of positive reporting: if the applicant has never worn a radiation badge (dosimeter) before please write NONE or NO. If they have been badged prior to coming to Temple, please indicate the name, location and dates of employment. Do not leave this section blank. Please do not submit the form until all the above information has been provided. Thank you.



Fact Sheets

  • Dry Activated Radioactive Waste
    • EHRS manages all radioactive waste disposal at Temple University and Temple University Health System. Dry activated radioactive waste is any solid, dry laboratory materials, equipment, or supplies that have been contaminated with radioactive material.
  • Pregnant Worker Counseling
    • The objective of the Pregnant Worker counseling program is to assist women who are childbearing age, pregnant, or nursing, understand the risks and minimize exposure to these hazards in the workplace through education and counseling.

Authorization to Use Radioactive Materials Forms

MRC Application



Research Use of Radioactive Material

Radiation Safety Guide for Research Use of Radioactive Material

Appendix A - Radiation Worker Registration Form

Appendix B - Application forPossession and Use of Radioactive Materials in Research

Appendix C - PA State Form "Notice to Employees"/PA State Form "Aviso para los Empleados" (Espanol)

Diagnostic Imaging for X-ray Machines

Radiation Safety Guide for Diagnostic Imaging X-Ray Producing Equipment

Appendix A - Radiation Worker Registration Form

Appendix B - PA State Form "Notice to Employees"/PA State Form "Aviso para los Empleados" (Espanol)

Analytical X-ray Machines


Radiation Safety Users Guide: Irradiators


  • Radiation exposure (individual radiation exposure as well as collective dose equivalent) must be kept as low as reasonably achievable. This so called "ALARA" (ALow AReasonably Achieveable) principle has been introduced into regulations of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, and has been adopted by Temple University. This policy provides specific guidance and data on Temple University's approach to the implementation of the ALARA principle.

    For me information about Temple's ALARA policy, please see section 4.6 of the EHRS handbook