Facilities Information Resources & Management

Facilities Information Resources & Management (FIRM)

Our mission is to partner with the University community to enable the strategic use of University space and to share information regarding its utilization.

  • We oversee and coordinate all space management activity at the University and are responsible for the recommendation of policies and procedures to provide for centralized inventory, control and efficient utilization of all University space for all campuses.  This involves:
    • Maintaining and distributing the Facilities Fact Book
    • Conducting space inventory
    • Managing the space request process
    • Handling floor plan requests
  • Provide and promote the use of geographic information systems (GIS) for University wide objectives
  • Oversee the process for facilities document archiving to maintain a record of campus development project documentation

FIRM Services

Facilities Document Archiving

FIRM is responsible for gathering past campus development project documents and related materials, and preparing them for long-term storage in a central location.  This may entail tagging, scanning, filing, etc.  We ensure that the documents are searchable and retrievable so that they are available to the University community.  Requests for electronic or hard copy project-related documents must first be approved.  To submit a request, contact us at

Facilities Fact Book

FIRM updates and publishes the Facilities Fact Book on a quarterly basis.  The Facilities Fact Book contains updated information compiled from the Space Management space inventory database and from contributions from other University units.  Current and past releases are available via Teams.

To receive notification of future releases or to request access to the Facilities Fact Books, please email us at .

GIS Services

Geographic information systems (GIS) is a tool that allows for the visualization of location-based data, usually overlaid on a map.  FIRM oversees the development and administration of GIS and cartographic services for the University.

We conduct campus surveys for GIS dataset collection, and then use this data to develop interactive applications and analyses of spatial data.  For example, we can collect data on where every bike rack is located throughout campus, and then apply this dataset to an interactive map that allows users to easily find them.

University units seeking information on current GIS activity, wanting to discuss a potential project, or requiring GIS services or support may email us at .

Requesting Floor Plans

University staff requesting floor plans must submit a CAD Release Form in order to obtain approval.

You must complete the form in full, describing the project scope and specifying the intended use.  The form must be signed by the requestor and a representative of the external unit (if applicable).  The form may then be returned to us for processing and consideration.  We will respond to the requester with a decision as soon as possible.

Space Inventory

FIRM maintains data and drawings of assigned space throughout the University.  This includes building name, floor, room number, departmental assignments, room type/use, net assignable square footage, and floor and building gross square footage.  Room Use Code definitions are based on the Postsecondary Education Facilities Inventory and Classification Manual.  Space Inventory records are updated frequently, and data and drawings are available to authorized personnel. 

To obtain information on space allocated to your unit or to check on the status of a current request for space, please send a detailed email to

Space Request Process

Units requesting additional space or reassignment of space from one unit to another must submit a Space Request Form in TUmarketplace.  The form can be found in the Forms tab under Organization forms.

The following information must be included with your request:

  • The full unit name and the name, email address, phone number and location of the contact person for the request
  • A description of the function/mission of the requesting unit
  • The requesting unit’s current space allocation
  • A detailed justification for the request
  • The funding available for required renovations and associated cost to fulfill the request
  • Requests that are time sensitive should be noted as such on the Space Request Form

The completed Space Request Form will route through the requesting unit's workflow approval process within TUmarketplace.  Upon receipt, the Director of FIRM will review each request and develop recommendations for consideration by the applicable Temple executives.  We will inform the requesting unit of the decision to (1) approve the request and assign additional space to the requesting unit; (2) reject the request; or (3) table the request for future consideration.

Any changes to existing space should be communicated to FIRM, which can then make updates to the University space inventory accordingly.

In accordance with the Approval of Capital Expenditures policy (04.32.01), projects with capital costs exceeding $100,000 require completion of the Capital Expenditure Request form and approval by the President; and projects costing over $500,000 require approval by the Facilities Committee of the Board of Trustees and the Board itself.  At the request of the President, the reassignment or reclassification of space may be made as necessary in accordance with strategic planning, pedagogical needs and/or appropriate business plans.


Dan Astran | Senior Director, FIRM