Citations and Enforcement

Citations and Enforcement

Citations can be paid online through your TU Parking Account.

Appeals must be made within 7 calendar days of issuance only.  Submit ticket appeal to the Office of Parking Services in person.  Appeals do not suspend the accrual of late fees.

Payments are due immediately upon receiving a citation (even if you are going to appeal).  Payments by check should be made payable to Temple University and sent to the following address:

Office of Parking Services
Montgomery Garage
1859 N. 11th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19122 

Credit card payments can be made in person at our Main Campus office location (same address as above) or online via your TU Parking Account.

Late fees of $10 are applied to each citation after 15 and 30 days of nonpayment.

You are welcome to appeal any citation within 7 days of receiving it.  You can submit an appeal on TU Parking Account, email the appeals form to or submit the appeal in-person at our office located on the first floor of the Montgomery Garage. 

Citation Regulations

Parking regulations are enforced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Vehicles without a valid permit displayed that are parked in University parking areas, garages and loading zones will be subject to fines and/or towing.
  • If you are loading or unloading in a University loading zone, you must have your flashers on and are subject to a 15-minute time limit, after which your vehicle must be relocated.
  • Vehicles parked on Temple property that receive a third parking citation are subject to be towed.
  • Individuals with unpaid parking citations are unable to purchase parking until their balance is paid.
  • Vehicles that block parking and loading area entrances and exits will be towed on the first offense.
  • Towing charges currently run $175, with an additional $25 per day storage rate.
  • The University has engaged the services of the following Towing vendor:
    • Norton Tow Squad
      5536-58 Baynton Street
      Philadelphia, PA 19144
      (215) 842-3233

Citation Appeal Form

Parking Violations: Type and Fine

Violations Type


Ambler Expired Permit


Ambler Permit Not Displayed


Blocking Gates Entrance/Exit


Display of Lost/Stolen Permit


Expired Hangtag/Permit


Excessive Speeding


Fraudulent Registration


Idling (over 5 mins)


Left Facility-No Payment


Parking in a fire zone


Parking in a Loading Zone


Parking in a handicapped space w/out state placard


Parking on sidewalk


Permit not displayed


Parking outside of a Stall


Parking in a reserved space


Unauthorized Parking