Solvent Recycling Program

The Temple University -Environmental Health and Radiation Safety (EHRS) has developed a solvent recycling program to help reduce the volume of solvents that are sent off site for disposal as hazardous waste.  In addition, the program also assists University faculty and staff to save on purchasing costs.

The solvent recycling program is successful in recovering various solvents for re-use through the University.  Some of the solvents that are currently capable of being recovered are listed below:

Acetone           Formalin         Xylene (s)       Ethyl Alcohol

The solvent recovery program is capable of providing purified, distilled product as at technical grade level. The program utilizes proven quality assurance methods to ensure the over-all quality of the product.

Contact EHRS at 2-2520 if you any questions about the solvent recycling program or have questions on whether a particular solvent that you generate can be recycled.     

The EHRS maintains an inventory of excess recycled solvents that are available at no cost.  Refer to the  Chemical Redistribution List  for the type of solvents that are currently available.