Flight is Temple University’s nighttime fixed-route shuttle loop service. Flight-branded shuttles circulate throughout the areas within and surrounding the main campus patrol zone, and pick up and drop off students at each of its over 50 stops. The shuttles arrive approximately every 15 minutes at each stop, and you can track the locations of each shuttle in real time using the TransLoc app. Riders can view the Flight service area and track the shuttle during hours of operation.

To Install:

Follow these Instructions to download and use TransLoc  and the Detailed TranLoc User Guide for more information on how to use TransLoc.


Any student, faculty, or staff member with a valid TUid can use Flight. A valid TUid can be your physical or mobile OWLcard.


Flight is Temple’s fixed-route shuttle service that transports students around the main campus patrol zone. Flight-branded vans and minibuses are equipped with strobe lights for easy identification. There are over 50 drop-off and pick-up locations, each marked with a sign and strobe light as well.


Flight operates 7 days per week from 6 PM to 2 AM, and the shuttles arrive at each drop-off and pick-up location every 15 minutes during this service time. The service continues to operate in a modified form during university breaks.


Flight serves the Main Campus patrol zone. It operates in three loops – the north loop, which covers the northern parts of the patrol zone, the south loop, which covers the southern parts of the patrol zone and the east loop which covers the eastern parts of the patrol zone. Shuttles on each loop follow a fixed route around that loop. See our comprehensive route map.

Students who need to transfer from one route to another (for example, to go from the northernmost parts of the patrol zone to a location at the southern end of the patrol zone) can use one of the several transfer stops – these stops are where the loops intersect and make it simple to transition from one loop to the other.

Riders can view the Flight service area and track the shuttle during hours of operation.


Temple relaunched Flight in August 2022, transitioning from an on-demand to a fixed-route shuttle service. The fixed-route system is expected to better meet the high demand for nighttime transportation around Main Campus, demand that the on-demand version of the service struggled to meet. Learn more about the decision making and collaboration process involved in changing this service model: Temple Relaunches Flight as Fixed Route Shuttle System.


Flight shuttles can be tracked in real time using the TransLoc App during hours of operation. Instructions for downloading and using the app are available here. Use the website or app to plan your arrival at the shuttle stop most convenient for you – the shuttle driver will stop for you if they see you at the stop, but the shuttle will continue on its way if no one is waiting. Display your Temple ID when boarding the shuttle, and when you’re a block or so from your destination, let the driver know so they can stop the shuttle and let you off.


If I have a problem/question, who can I contact?

If you have a problem or question regarding Flight, please call 215-204-7377.

Who are the drivers?

Flight shuttles are driven by trained drivers. Some drivers are contracted from a vendor that Temple has a long relationship with, and some are employed by the university.

Are Flight shuttles accessible to students with disabilities? 

Yes, both routes operate with at least one ADA-accessible vehicle equipped with wheelchair lifts. Students can use TransLoc to identify the accessible Flight vehicles by either hovering their cursor over the bus icons (if using browser) or tapping the icons (if using mobile).

Does Flight cost anything?

Members of the Temple community may use Flight for free. There is also no cap on the number of rides per semester.

How can I provide feedback?

Direct any questions, comments, or concerns to Mark Gottlieb, Senior Associate Director of Operations and Logistics, by emailing . You can also provide feedback specific to the quality of service by completing this quick and easy questionnaire.