Need Assistance?

Need Assistance?

Temple Police 

Call Public Safety 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at:
215-204-1234 or ext. 1-1234

Building Maintenance Problem or Emergency

At the Main Campus or Ambler call:
215-204-1385 or ext. 1-1385

At the Health Sciences Center call:
215-707-4702 or ext. 2-4702

Non-emergency Facilities-Related Service

To request non-emergency facilities-related services please complete a work request.   

For work request assistance at the Main Campus call:
215-204-8439 or ext. 1-8439

For work request assistance at the Health Sciences Center call:
215-707-4765 or ext. 2-4765

Office Directory 

The Office Directory contains the contact information and location of the various facilities and operations units in the EVP & COO's portfolio.