Chemical Inventory Management Program

Temple University employees who use chemicals or chemical containing products at TU and/or TUHS owned or leased facilities must maintain chemical inventories in ChemInventory, Temple's campus-wide chemical tracking system.   

ChemInventory is designed for emergency planning efforts and to assist the University comply with compliance of various federal, state and local hazardous material regulations and reporting requirements. Contact Ryan Kohler, the EHRS ChemInventory Administrator, at 2-9282 for additional information.  ChemInventory can also be used to:

  • Recycle unused chemicals.
  • Locate hazard information via inventory reports and SDS.
  • Identify chemicals that are designated as Acutely Toxic, Peroxidizable, Reproductive Toxins, Select Carcinogens or Department of Homeland Security Chemicals of Interest. 



Prior training and approval is needed to access the ChemInventory system. If you have access, you can go to and sign-in with your Temple University or Temple Health System credentials.

The Safety Data Sheet section of the software can be accessed by anyone with University or Health System credentials. Go to and sign in with your Temple University or Temple Health System credentials to search our SDS Hub library.



Chemical Inventory Management Program Policy