Shipping of Dangerous Goods Reminders

Recently we’ve had several shipping problems that are being reviewed by the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA), so here are a few reminders:

  • Only those who have had initial and biennial refresher training, resulting in certification from Temple University’s Environmental Health and Radiation Safety Department, are permitted to ship. Shipping includes any of the following; choosing the proper shipping name, packaging the material to be shipped, properly marking and labeling the package, and completing the documentation.

  • If you have had initial training, your certification ends two years (730 days) after the date on your certificate. University personnel may take a live training (recommended) or the online refresher. However, if you do not take the refresher course in time, you must attend the live training to become recertified. Health System personnel must attend the live training.

  • Each outgoing shipment, dangerous or otherwise, must be reported to Environmental Health and Radiation Safety, either by completing the online Notification of Dangerous Goods Shipment or by sending the information to the attention of Joan deVastey by fax at (215) 707-1600, or email at .

  • You must also notify InfoTrac by e-mailing your shipment information to . Again, do this for every shipment. If shipping a dangerous good, you should attach a copy of the Declarataion of Dangerous Goods and a Safety Data Sheet or an Emergency Response Guide for the material.

  • When shipping anything with dry ice, be sure to use a current Class 9 label. Mark the package as "UN1845, Dry Ice, X -kilograms," which represents the weight of the Dry Ice ONLY.

  • When in doubt, contact Joan deVastey at (215) 707-0106 or .